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Welcome to Planet Mobility! We get you on the move with scooter and mobility products for any application from the finest manufacturers. We feature 3 and 4 wheel battery powered scooter products that are portable, foldable, and light. Designed for the disabled or the elderly senior, our scooter products make it easy to travel, giving you more freedom to do the things you want to do.


In addition to our battery powered scooters, we also offer a wide range of products designed especially for the elderly or those with a disability such as wheelchairs, standing frames, electric auto lifts, ramps, chairs, mattresses, phones, and bathroom accessories.


We feature electric, battery powered scooter models from Easy-Light, Pride, Shop Rider, No Boundaries, Ranger, Invacare, Golden, Trail Blazer, Wheelcare, and Pacesaver. Our lightweight three and four wheel scooters make mobility easier for elderly senior citizens and people with a disability. Whether you need the maneuverability of a three wheel model or the rugged stability of a four wheel model, Planet Mobility’s got you rolling. Many of our electric scooters are foldable for maximum portability and have swiveling seats for easy access, plus plenty of storage for shopping or travel.


If you’re looking for the perfect portable folding scooter, take a look at the Easy Light Deluxe. Combining efficient design and construction with contemporary styling, the Easy Light gives you the ability to store the scooter in any vehicle’s trunk. At only 46lbs, the Easy Light is the world’s lightest, most portable and comfortable scooter available. The Easy Light has a 4 wheel design, but keeps all of the maneuverability of a 3 wheeled scooter. With a 10 mile range and a 280lb load capacity, the Easy Light is a clear leader in portable scooters.


Are you an elderly senior looking for the perfect way to get out and go shopping? Look no further than the Shoprider Sunrunner Light Scooter. This 4 wheeled model features swivel and sliding seats, flat-free tires, and a new articulating front wheel design. This scooter has plenty of power and styling to reliably travel anywhere.


What’s the difference between a battery powered scooter and a powered wheelchair? While both types have small wheels in front, the powered wheelchair’s front wheels are typically non-steerable casters. The scooter’s front wheels, on the other hand, are fully controllable. Typical scooters have only a single wheel in the front, but 2 wheels in front are not uncommon and can actually be preferable for added stability. The cost of the two types differs in that scooter’s typically cost around 20% less than powered wheelchairs, but maintenance for both types is about equal.


What features should you consider when choosing an electric scooter?  3 or 4 wheels; four wheeled scooters tend to be more stable than 3 wheeled models, but a three wheeled scooter is generally more maneuverable with a smaller turning radius. Having a rear-wheel drive scooter provides an advantage in uneven or slick terrain since the rider’s weight is directly over the rear drive wheels. Many scooters have the ability to freewheel the drive wheels, allowing it to be pushed manually; however, bear in mind that scooters can be heavy and hard to push with ease.


The type of seat for your scooter can make the difference on how comfortable and functional your travel is. Seats provide for some shock absorption and are generally padded. Most scooter seats feature an adjustable height, allowing you to set the correct height and prevent pressure on your thighs. The correct height can be especially important for those who have poor circulation in their legs. Usually seat adjustments are made via a push/pull paddle lever or via electric power, depending on the model. A swiveling seat makes transferring on and off the scooter much easier for seniors or those with a disability; a user should be able to manage the swivel adjustment while seated on the scooter. Another important feature a scooter seat should have is a forward and backward travel adjustment, which allows the rider to reach all of the controls needed to safely control the scooter as well as allowing for different leg lengths. Lastly, some scooters will have seats that are detachable for folding or transporting the scooter.