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Alabama Chrysler's Automobility Program
Statewide Technology Access  Ford's Mobility Motoring Program
Alaska General Motors Mobility Program
Assistive Technologies of Alaska   Saturn Mobility Program 
Arizona     1-800-553-6000
Arizona Technology Access    GM of Canada Mobility   Program
California     Canada call 1-800-463-7483
California State Funding     U S A call (905) 644-3063
Tech Act Project

Delaware Assistive Technology  National Institutes of Health
District of Columbia Patient Assistance Programs
Partnership for Assistive Technology Barrier-Free Access
Florida Federal Money Retriever
Florida Alliance for Assistive Services  Consumer's Guide to Funding
Georgia Oregon Lions
Tools for Life Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation
Idaho Assistive Technology Project

Illinois Assistive Technology Project: Social Security Administration
Students with Disabilities Department of Veterans Affairs
Demonstration and Loan Center Grants for Families
IATP's Information / Assistance Service Grant Application Forms
Ready Access Program Grant Application Packages
Kansas New Grant Announcements
Assistive Technology for Kansas Rehabilitation Administration
Maryland Independent Living Grants
Maryland Technology Assistance Program National Institute of Health
Michigan Rehabilitation Services Administration
Rehabilitation Services National Institute on Disability 
Minnesota Department of Justice ADA Homepage
Minnesota Star Program Department of Justice / Grants
North Carolina Department of Education / Funding
North Carolina Assistive Technology Students with Disabilities Grants
Nebraska Health and Human Services / Grants
Nebraska Assistive Technology  Housing and Urban Development
New Jersey Department of Labor / Grants
Technology Resource Program Department of Interior / Funding
Ohio Department of Transportation / Grants
Technology Assistance Network Federal Domestic Assistance
South Dakota USDA / Funding
Dakota Link
Texas Assistive Technology Partnership




Health Canada Funding Programs The Foundation Center
Challenged Athletes Foundation Wheelchairs for Children




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