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Accessible Destinations & Transportation

Plane – if traveling by plane, make sure that the airlines know you are an individual with a disability, if you will need assistance, what kind of chair you are traveling with. Some foreign airlines make require you to travel in an ambulance to the plane or allow only one passenger with a disability per flight.

Train - make sure that the train and train station is accessible and that all the stops are accessible. It would not be help to get on at an accessible station and arrive at your destination and find that you can not get off the train.

Automobile - make sure if traveling by taxi that it is accessible enough for you. If you are a chair user and are able to transfer well, then you might just need a car big enough to fit your chair and your luggage. But if you travel in a power wheelchair and/or am unable to transfer, make sure that the car is life equipped.

Ship - if traveling by ship, make sure to find out how accessible the rooms, bathrooms and main common areas are. Some ships may have a lip into each room, which can pose problems. Also find out about disembarking procedures and accessibility. Find out if all the destination spots are accessible.


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