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Door Mate Sliding Patio Door Opener


Door-mate was also designed to help people with special needs by recognizing and responding to their basic need for easy access within their own home. You may be recovering from surgery or hospital stay. You may be physically disabled or you may be frail due to advancing years. Door-mate is a product that offers real solutions to help people cope with life's transitions


Door-mate meets all the 'self-closing', 'self-locking' door requirements for swimming pool enclosures demanded by many municipalities. With Door-mate, parents can now control access through the patio door to the swimming pool area with programmable transmitters. If there is no parental supervision available, Door-mate can be set to automatically lock and keep the child from entering the pool area through the house

Door-mate is the ideal choice over conventional pet doors. Door-mate works with your existing sliding patio door. There are no holes to cut and no doors or walls to deface. Door-mate's sleek and compact style make it near invisible. And by simply adding the optional Pet Prox to your pet's collar, the patio door slides open automatically when your pet approaches from either side, and then securely locks after they come in or go out




Doormate Corporation with the release of its Doormate automatic
sliding patio door operating system allows young and old,
even family pets, easy and secure access to and from the home
  Each unit ships with two wireless remotes or add an optional numeric keypad giving your family a convenient, secure keyless entry to the home.




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