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open sesame

Product Selection Guide

All of our Systems are complete packages that include everything you need for the installation including remote controls, batteries, wiring, and mounting hardware.


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System II

System II: Our System II door opener will release and open a locked door, pause for entrance or exit, close automatically, and then return the door to its locked position. If you would like to extend the time the door is open, you can do so by pushing the remote control again. The door will stay open as long as you like. To close the door, simply push the remote once again.

For extra security, System II can work with an optional deadbolt function along with the normally included electric strike plate door latch release mechanism.



New Products!
Open Sesame is proud to announce the latest additions to our product line that act like spring door closers when the door is opened manually. They can be used in light commercial or residential applications, such as school doors, restroom doors, apartment lobby doors, or storefronts. When triggered via our remote controls they act just like System II and III except that the door is held in position and is not free-swinging when parked open. NOTE: Any existing door closer must be removed or disabled.

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System IV

System IV

System IV: This system includes an electric strike plate and one remote control similar to System II. The operator will "spring shut" automatically against manual opening of the door. When triggered by remote control, the door can be parked open and will stay in position indefinitely, even in a wind.

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System V

System V

System V: Similar to System IV, but does not include an electric strike plate. Includes two wireless wall pushpads. The operator will "spring shut" automatically against manual opening of the door. Normally sold with the "park open" feature disabled, but can be enabled by user.





open sesame


 state of the art  


    Open Sesame unlatches, opens, and closes a door with the touch of a button. It operates with a chair mounted transmitter and other environmental controls.
    Open Sesame Door System has been designed for the home environment. Most people do not want a supermarket type door operator on the front doors of their homes. Through advanced technology, this product has become the smallest and most attractive product on the market. Its size and appearance is very similar to that of the commonly found door closer.


 batt. backup  

    Imagine arriving at your home during an electrical storm and finding that a power outage has locked you out because your automatic door won't work. Feel secure with the Open Sesame Door System!
    The system includes a built-in back up battery. Fire and electrical failure often occur simultaneously. Open Sesame, with its battery back-up, allows you to get in and out when you desire it most. The built-in battery back-up feature is not available from other manufacturers. Unparalleled Convenience; Open Sesame Door System is a door operator that both opens and closes a door. It does not close the door with a spring mechanism as do most other systems. The door closes under power, at your command, allowing the door to be left open indefinitely if you so desire, or even to be left ajar.
    This is a real advantage when one is transporting groceries or caring for children. Many people use it for letting their pets in and out. People confined to wheelchairs or beds cannot usually operate windows, but this system allows them some control of ventilation and room temperature.


    Provided with the Open Sesame Door System is a small match box sized device with a special pressure pad on the face that is extremely easy to activate. You can use fingers, palms, the side of a hand, arm, or even chin to sponsor the opening of the door. The transmitter is easy to attach to the wheelchair with the included Velcro fasteners.
    The Open Sesame System can be customized with a range of activation devices. Wall push-pads, X-10 activators, or other environmental controls can be readily integrated. 




strike plate


    The Open Sesame System allows a locked door to release through the use of an electric strike-plate. This door release mechanism is commonly used in apartment buildings where an intercom system is present. With the Open Sesame System the door is unlatched and power-opened at your command through the remote control. The existing keys will also still unlatch the door.




    An available option to the Open Sesame Door System is the keyless entry pad. The keyless entry pad is a wireless device which is installed on the outside of the door. It is intended to be used by attendants and care providers and allows easy access to the residence without dispensing keys. The keypad uses a 4 digit combination that can be easily changed at a moment's notice.


 Goes Where You Go  


    The Open Sesame Door operator is adaptable to many different door arrangements. It can be made to operate with either left-handed or right-handed hinged doors as well as outward opening or inward opening doors. Hence, if you relocate, you can take the unit with you and only minor adaptations will be necessary. Contributing to the ease of installation and re-installation is the fact the Open Sesame is powered by a plug-in wall transformer and all wiring in the system is low voltage. This eliminates the need for costly electrical outlets installed at the site of installation.
    The Open Sesame Door System can be installed by a general contractor, a locksmith, a security access company, a disabled access specialist, a mechanically inclined individual, a handyman, and of course a participating dealer of Open Sesame products.


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