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The APT is a revolutionary family of Active and Passive Trainers for upper and lower limb exercising. Whatever your age or fitness level, the APT offers you a wide choice of exercise options.
  • For Active limbs the APT offers muscle strengthening, increasing range of motion and cardio-vascular exercising.

  • For Passive limbs the APT offers improves blood circulation, range of motion and muscle tone.



The heart of all the APT models is the patented drive/resistant unit that offers the users:
  • A smooth rotation in both the active a passive modes utilizing the unique flywheel that rotates at

    an ultra-high velocity. 
  • The simple effortless range of motion adjustment.
  • Quick release handgrips and footrests interchanging.


The APT is available in two main models, Active Passive Trainer and Active Trainer.
Both trainers can be supplied in the portable folding version or heavy duty Hi-Lo version.
A wide range of accessories is available for all the different models.


The height of the crank arms can be adjusted on both the folding and Hi-lo versions of the APT's for
maximum exercising efficiency.

Auto Reverse to Relieve Spasms

An individual that experiences spasms can benefit from the AUTO REVERSE  technology and feel safe in the process. When AUTO REVERSE   is activated, the APT-5 Cycle will automatically shut off when it senses a spasm, wait a few seconds and then continue in the opposite direction. This sensor-activated therapy is repeated until the user’s spasms are relieved! Auto Reverse to Build Strength

A person that doesn’t have enough strength to manually exercise on a stationary bike is able to increase his or her strength by using AUTO REVERSE. This muscle
strengthening therapy consists of putting pressure against the APT Cycle, while in its motorized mode until the machine stops. After the Cycle stops, the machine will reverse its direction. 
The APT-5 Cycle displays Bio-Feedback which enables users to gauge their progressions in range of motion, muscle stiffness and strength. People with no use of their upper and (or) lower limbs can use the Bio-feedback to measure improvements in their range of motion and muscle stiffness. 
Resistance Mechanism
The Cycle’s GEAR-BASED RESISTANCE MECHANISM provides resistance that is
smooth, consistent and reliable. Upper and Lower Body


Available Models
Portable Model - Use on the floor for the lower body and on a table-top for the upper body.
Model on Stand - Adjust up and down on Counterbalanced Stand for upper or lower body exercise.




 Cycles are available in portable
packages (weighing only 22 pounds)
or on counterbalanced stands for
ease of height adjustment.
4 The APT-5 Cycle utilize
interchangeable, hand grips and
foot plates.


  • Blood circulation
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Range of motion
  • Bladder control
  • Muscle tone


  • Atrophy
  • Spasm
  • Swelling


A.P.T. - 5

Active Passive Trainer

The APT-5 is an electrically powered exercise trainer designed to improve physical abilities.
The APT-5 is designed to provide an extensive range of active and passive exercise modes for upper and lower body training and fitness.

The APT-5 can be operated in either ACTIVE mode at varying degrees of resistance or in
PASSIVE mode at adjustable speed and torque levels. While the machine is in PASSIVE mode, it is possible to combine both PASSIVE and ACTIVE training by using physical effort in conjunction with the electrical operation of the motor.

The APT-5 serves individuals with limited or no muscular power (i.e. spinal cord injuries, MS, Polio, CP, ALS, Dialysis, etc.).

The APT-5's light weight (only 22lb /10Kg) makes it portable, easy to store and convenient to use in the comfort of one's home. The unit is also suitable for use in healthcare institutions.

The APT-5 can be supplied as a stand alone unit or attached to a Hi-Lo stand.



On/Off button: green indicator is lit when the APT-5 is switched on.


Mode button: for selecting active or passive mode of operation.


Green indicator is lit when ACTIVE mode is selected by mode button.


Green indicator is lit when PASSIVE mode is selected by mode button.


Indicates actual load level as percentage of chosen load level (see 16).


Button for forward operation in the PASSIVE mode. The green indicator is lit to indicate forward operation.


Button for backward operation in the PASSIVE mode. The green indicator is lit to indicate backward operation.


Button activating Auto-Reverse function in the PASSIVE mode. In the ACTIVE mode this button activates the constant force function. The green indicator is lit when activated.


Button for selecting display of data, (see 10-13):


Green indicator is lit when Timer display is selected. The display will show the time the APT-5 has been used in the current exercise period.

11 Green indicator is lit when Counter display is selected. The display will show the total amount of revolutions of the crank arm in the current exercise period.
12 Green indicator is lit when Power display is selected. The display will show the power during exercise in Watts – only in Active mode.
13 Green indicator is lit when heart rate display is selected. The display will show the current heart rate per minute – only when the Heart Rate receiver is plugged in.
14 Display for Timer, Counter, Energy and Heart Rate.

Exercise speed level selection push buttons

15a – Increases speed level (up to 10)
15b – Decreases speed level (down to 1)


Exercise load level selection push buttons

16a – Increases load level (up to 10)
16b – Decreases load level (down to 1)


Weight            - Trainer

10 Kg. (22 lbs.)


                         - Power supply

1.4 Kg. (3lbs.)



72 cm. (28 in.) overall



46 cm. (18 in.)



16 cm. (6˝ in.) folded


Mains supply (to Power Unit)

110/230 VAC


Working voltage

18 VAC


Revolutions per minute

20 - 60 RPM


Power consumption

60 VA



Class II equipment




Type B equipment


Standard Features
Manual Mode
Motorized Mode
Commercial Quality - Warranty
Gear-Based Resistance Mechanism
Resistance Levels
Speed Adjustments
Torque Adjustments
Adjustable Height
Adjustable Range of Motion
Anti-Spasm Mechanism
Auto Reverse - See Below
Bio-Feedback - See Below
Digital Timer
Digital Counter
Ready for Heart Beat Transmitter
View Clinical Studies.  



Active Passive Trainer - APT.                   
  • Ultra quiet and maintenance-free electromagnetic resistance
  • Earlobe pulse rate sensor
  • One-touch digital readout displaying elapsed time, speed, total distance, trip distance, estimated calories burned and pulse rate.



APT Active Passive Trainer



APT Active Passive Trainer

Please Select Model:
APT 1 Portable Active Passive Hand Bike $1687.
APT 1 Hi-Lo Active Passive Hand Bike $1987.
APT 5 Portable Active Passive Hand Bike $2487.
APT 5 Hi-Lo Active Passive Hand Bike $2987.

AS-00-0-043 Straight Hand Grips (Pair):
AS-00-0-043 Straight Hand Grips (Pair)

AS-00-0-042 Foot Pair (Pair):
AS-00-0-042 Foot Pair (Pair)

AS-00-0-978 Protective Nylon Cover:
AS-00-0-978 Protective Nylon Cover

AS-00-0-041 Angled Hand Grips (Pair):
AS-00-0-041 Angled Hand Grips (Pair) $278.

AS-00-0-040 High Support for Footrest (Pair):
AS-00-0-040 High Support for Footrest (Pair) $254.

AS-00-0-051 Pediatric Footrests (Pair):
AS-00-0-051 Pediatric Footrests (Pair) $292.

AS-00-0-049 Right Hemi Glove:
AS-00-0-049 Right Hemi Glove $98.
AS-00-0-049-l Left Hemi Glove $98.
AS-00-0-062 Pediatric Set Of Two Hemi Glove (Set Of 2) $158.

AS-00-0-021 Remote Control APT-5:
AS-00-0-021 Remote Control APT-5 $149.

AS-00-0-020 Heart Beat Kit APT-5 Available Only On APT-5:
AS-00-0-020 Heart Beat Kit APT-5 Available Only On APT-5 $189.

Please Select Shipping:
Standard Ground
Three Day Air $94.
Two Day Air $157.
Next Day Air $197.

Instant Internet Rebate:
$100. Instant Internet Rebate Now.!
$100. Rebate By Receiving A Refund Check By Mail.





See Our Unconditional Guarantee





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