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Quickie® Kidz Bike
Item Number:
Product Overview
The Quickie Kidz Bike is the coolest ride around. A made-to-order, hand-cranked bike available in single or 3-speed models. Easily accessible flip-up footrests and a sliding seat make transfers easier for kids. Quickie Kidz Bike-Make the World your Playground
Product Weight: Approx. 37 lbs.
Product Width: 12 in. - 14 in. seat width
Product Length/Depth: 10 in. - 14 in. seat depth
Product Height: 16.5 in. seat height
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 24" w/21"h/61"d
Ship Method(s): Freight carrier
Product Weight Capacity: 175 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
Gears 1 speed, 3 speed
Crank Height Standard: 15 in. 20 in.
Handle Options Vertical small, Horizontal, Easy Power Quad
Wheel Options Front wheel spoke 20 in., Rear wheel mag or spoke 20 in.
Tire Option Front and Rear black pneumatic, tire sealer (no flats), knobbie
Axle Optoins threaded, quick-release
Bike Accessories cycling computer, front fender, tow bar, tire pump, water bottle and cage
As a part of our ongoing product improvement initiative, Sunrise Medical reserves the right to change specifications and design without notice. Further, not all features and options offered are compatible with all configurations of the wheelchair.
Quickie® Kidz Bike Order Form Quickie Sports Accessories Parts List
Quickie Kidz Bike and Mach 2 Parts List  
Quickie Sports Axles Parts List  
Quickie Sports Wheels Parts List
Sunrise Medical offers the most dependable sports products on the market today. Bike and Racer frames, as well as all other Sunrise manufactured and distributed parts and components, are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the original purchase date. Please reference the User Instruction Manual for detailed warranty information.



Available Colors
Quickie® Kidz Bike
  Toxic Green   Candy Red
Candy Blue
  Razzleberry   Orange
Candy Turquoise
  Blue Opal   Yellow
Pearl Pink
  Black Opal   Blue Velvet
Forest Green
  Midnight Purple   Blue
Please Note:Due to variations in computer hardware and software configurations, these samples are intended as a reference only and should not be considered an exact match for color, size, or consistency of the product or it's materials.

Quickie Kids Hand Bike

Quickie Kids Hand Bike

                                                           Consumer Age:
                                                      Consumer Weight:
                                                       Consumer Height:
                                                          Disability Level:
Measurement Top Of Shoulder To Center Of Palm:
                  Measurement Top Of Shoulder To Seat:
                             Measurement Lower Leg Length:
                             Measurement Upper Leg Length:
                                         Measurement Hip To Hip:

Single Speed Free
Three Speed $380.

Black Opal
Blue Opal
Blue Velvit
Candy Red
Candy Blue
Candy Turquoise
Forest Green
Midnight Purple
Pearl Pink
Toxic Green

Seat Width:
12 Inches
13 Inches
14 Inches

Seat Depth:
10 Inches
11 Inches
12 Inches
13 Inches
14 Inches

Hand Crank:
072HH2 Standard 15-20

2 Inch Cushion:
Yes $95.

Non Folding Standard
Folding Backrest $80.

Back Height:
13 Inch
15 Inch

Foot Rest:
072E4 Standard Extension Tube 7.5-12
Angle Adjustable Flip Up

Threaded Standard
Quick Release $65.

Rear Wheel:
20 Inch Mag Standard
20 Inch Spoke $110.





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