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The Scooter-Haul


ScooterHaul comes in four sizes, get the size that's right for your scooter or power wheelchair. Most 3 wheel scooters fit easily on ScooterHaul I. (If you're not sure, call your dealer, or the manufacturer, or our office, and ask how wide and long your scooter or chair is, and how much it weighs).


How to use the ScooterHaul


Simple installation! Take it out of the box. Put on four bolts (There's only one way it can go together). Plug it in to your trailer hitch receiver. It's ready to go.
Everything has been engineered so that you can load or unload in 15 seconds, and you don't need much strength to do it.

Pull one pin, and lower the ramp. You're ready to put your scooter on the ScooterHaul.

Walk alongside your scooter, while 'driving' it up the ramp. It's easy to do, and you control how fast it's going. The 'sure-grip' floor makes certain that it gets traction in rain or snow.
When you're up on the platform, attach the rubber hold down strap, close the ramp gate, and put the pin back in. You're ready to go! Your scooter is safe for transport at expressway speeds, without any worry. The ScooterHaul has been tested at high speeds, hard cornering, and abusive driving. The scooter doesn't move on the platform, and it won't get damaged. You can further protect it with the anti theft lock, and with the all weather cover, on those days when you want the extra protection.
You can also fold the ramp all the way closed, to keep it out of the way when the scooter's not loaded.



Max chair width (Outside of tires)

Max chair length

Max chair weight

Need Hitch Class

ScooterHaul I 24" 48" 155# 1

Scooterhaul 1
Retail Price: $698.

Now Only: $398.

ScooterHaul II 26 1/2" 48" 235# 2

Scooterhaul 2
Retail Price: $748.

Now Only: $498.

ScooterHaul III 30 1/2" 60" 390# 3

Scooterhaul 3
Retail Price: $898.

Now Only: $598.

ScooterHaul V 30 1/2" 40" 390# 3

Scooterhaul 5
Retail Price: $848.
Now Only: $698.






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