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We Guarantee The Worlds Lowest Price!
If You Find A Lower Price  We Will Beat It By 110% Or Your Lift Is Free...


Controller:   Brand New 'Full 2 Year Warranty'
Motor:   Brand New 'Full 2 Year Warranty'
Batteries:   Brand New 'Full 2 Year Warranty'
Seat:   Refurbished
Frame:   Refurbished
Tires:   Refurbished
Available:   (0)




The Hummer XL Four Wheel  Scooter Is A Top End Robust Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Offering All Terrain Outdoor Performance While Maintaining Its Ability To Navigate Indoors As Well. When You Are Looking For Power Outdoors On Steep Hills And Inclines, The Hummer XL Delivers It. When Looking For Stability On A Rough Uneven Outdoor Terrain. Once Again The Hummer XL Provides It. Going On A Long Trip And In Need Of Longevity.? That's Right The Hummer XL Will Travel Up To 35 Miles On A Single Charge! Finally Would You Like To Get There Quicker. The Hummer XL Can Be Adjusted Up To 8.2 Miles An Hour.


The Efficient design and construction of the Hummer XL combined with contemporary styling, gives you outstanding four wheel stability and performance.

The luxurious Com-For-Fit contoured seat allows for a large range of adjustments. Front to Back as well as Up and Down. The seating system doesn't stop there as it also swivels 360 degrees and has fully adjustable, flip up, arms and a well padded, height adjustable, head rest.



The Hummer XL Comes Standard With Puncture Proof Flat Free Tires Giving You That Added Confidence To Go Anywhere You Like Without The Fear Of Hitting A Nail, Glass Or Sharp Objects.




  The Hummer XL Offers Plenty Of Leg Room And Will Accommodate A Person From Four Feet Tall Up To Six Feet, Six Inches Tall. The Hummer XL Has A Weight Capacity Of Up To 375 Pounds And A Fully Adjustable Tiller Combined With The Front To Back Height Adjustable Contoured Seat. This Combination Allows The Hummer XL The Flexibility To Adjust And Meet The Needs Of Many Different Sizes.
Quick And Easy Tiller Adjustment Knob Allows The Dash Or Control Steering Panel To Adjust Infinitely Front To Back Locking Solid In Place To Fit You Comfortably. The Tiller Adjustment Knob Also Allows The Control Steering Panel To Fold Down Flat When The Seat Is Removed For Easy Traveling.  
  The Hummer XL Deluxe Captains Seat Is Outfitted With Completely Adjustable Flip Up Arm Rests. These Arm Rests Adjust In Width From 18" Inches Up To 30" Inches. They Also Adjust In Height From 6" Inches To As High As 15" Inches.

The Captains Seat Is Filled With A High Density Foam That Distributes The Users Weight Perfectly Reducing Discomfort Or Sores From Being Seated In One Place To Long.
Battery Light Indicator
Keyed Ignition
Delta Tiller
Deluxe ABS Padded Seat
Flat Free Easy Ride Tires
Adjustable Folding Tiller

Light Weight Alloy

Speed Control
Battery Backup
Car Charger


  Weight Warranty Wheels Range Turning Radius Capacity
Hummer XL 195 lb 2 Year 4" x 12" 35 Miles 54" Inches 375 lb
Trail Blazer 180 lb 2 Year 4'' x 10'' 35 Miles 50" Inches 350 lb
Eclipse 176 lb 1 Year 4'' x 10'' 35 Miles 49" Inches 325 lb
Sovereign 160 lb 1 Year 4'' x 10'' 30 Miles 45" Inches 300 lb
Sprinter 187 lb 1 Year 4" x 10" 30 Miles 54" Inches 300 lb
Victory 158 lb 1 Year 3" x 10" 30 Miles 58" Inches 350 lb
Ranger Solo 4 169 lb 1 Year 3" x 10" 35 Miles 58" Inches 350 lb
Companion 186 lb 1 Year 4" x 10" 30 Miles 43" Inches 355 lb
Passport 4 140 lb 1 Year 3.5" x 8" 30 Miles 47" Inches 300 lb
Pride Victory 159 lb 1 Year 3.5" x 10" 25 Miles 58" Inches 350 lb






Overall Dimensions

Folded Dimensions

Weight (
Seat Section
Lower Section

Range (approximate)

Universal Charger

Ground Clearance
Turning Radius
Tire Size

Seat Dimensions

Back Rest Height
Seat Height From Floor-pan

Electronic Brakes
Regenerative & Dynamic
Additional Braking

Incline Stability
150 lbs.
275 lbs.
320 lbs.
375 lbs.

Structural Capacity


57'' Length
22'' Width
57''' Height

57'' Length
22'' Width
18'' Height

194 Pounds
  29 Pounds
163 Pounds

30 to 35 miles
(Airline Friendly)
12 Volt High Capacity
110V Offboard

 6.'' Inches
54'' Inches
12'' Inch Flat Free
Up to 8.2 MPH

22'' Inches
18.5'' Inches

32'' Inches
26'' Inches
  9'' Inches

'Posi-Lock' Electric

19 degree
17 degree
15 degree
12 degree

375 Lbs.

Rigid Oxygen Tank Holder
Arm Bag
Large Rear Basket
Car Charger
Soft Oxygen Tank Holder
Safety Flag
All Weather Vinyl Cover
The Handy Scooter Coach
The Handy Scooter Coach Has A Universal Design That Can Offer You A Completely New Aspect Of Mobility, Restoring Your Ability To Take Many Things With You That You Would Normally Just Leave Behind.

  >>> The Lowest Price On The Planet <<<

The Hummer XL Owners Manual

The Refurbished Hummer XL Four Wheel Mobility Scooter


The Refurbished Hummer XL Four Wheel Scooter

Cup Holder:
Cup Holder
Free ($18.00 Value)

Durable Front Basket:
Durable Front Basket
Free ($24.00 Value)

Large Durable Rear Wire Basket:
Large Durable Rear Wire Basket
Free ($98.00 Value)

Saddle Bag:
Saddle Bag
Free ($24.00 Value)

International Home Charger:
International Home Charger
Free ($117.00 Value)

Automotive Car Charger:
Automotive Car Charger
Free ($77.00 Value)

All Weather Vinyl Cover:
All Weather Vinyl Cover
Free (84.95 Value)

Flat Free Foam Filled Tires:
Flat Free Foam Filled Tires
Free ($184.00 Value)

Rear View Mirror:
Rear View Mirror
Free ($19.95 Value)

12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (Set Of Two):
12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries (Set Of Two)
Free ($187.00 Value)

Cane Holder:
Cane Holder
Free ($13.50 Value)

Portable Aluminum Folding Ramp:
2' ft Portable Aluminum Folding Ramp
Free (Value $68.)
4' ft Portable Aluminum Folding Ramp $134.
6' ft Portable Aluminum Folding Ramp $234.
8' ft Portable Aluminum Folding Ramp $334.

The Handy Scooter Coach:
The Handy Scooter Coach Now Only $178.
($389. Value)

The Craftsmen 2 In 1 550 Carrier:
The Craftsmen 2 In 1 550 Carrier $528.

Please Select Shipping:
Standard Ground (Five Day Delivery)
Three Day Freight Express $398.

Instant Internet Rebate:
$30. Instant Internet Rebate Now.!
$30. Rebate By Receiving A Refund Check

Note: We have many people ask, (Are all those items above marked as free actually included at to added charge. The answer is "YES" all items marked as free are included at no additional charge.



See Our Unconditional Guarantee





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