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The Prowler Is A High Performance (Five Star) Three Wheel Scooter That Is 1st Class And Nothing But Power.

1) Deluxe Delta Tiller Dash Board
2) Deluxe Reclining Captain Seat
That Is Fully Adjustable.
3) Flip Up Adjustable Arm Rest.
4) Heavy Duty Detachable Basket.
5) Fully Adjustable Tiller
6) Seat Swivel Lever For 360 Degrees.
7) Puncture Proof Solid Foam Tires.
8) Anti-Tip Wheels
9) Headlight Assembly With Complete Light Package With Turn Signals, Hazards As Well As Tail Lights

The High Performance Prowler Is Outfitted With A Complete Suspension Not Found On 98% Percent Of All Mobility Scooters. That's Right 98% Percent Of Mobility Scooters Do NOT Have A Suspension. They Simply Rely On The Tires Alone To Absorb The Bumps In The Terrain While In Motion. Most Consumers Don't Even Think To Look For A Suspension System When Shopping For A Mobility Scooter. Take It For A Short Ride And You Will Immediately Recognize The Role A Suspension System Plays In Delivering A Smooth Ride That Truly Makes For An Enjoyable Trip On Most Any Surface.




Smart Feature Guide 

  1. Tiller control head
  2. High Back reclining deluxe captain seat
  3. Flip up arm rests
  4. Detachable Basket
  5. Tiller adjustment knob
  6. Swivel seat lever and seat release lever
  7. Puncture proof solid foam tires
  8. Anti-tip wheels
  9. Headlight assembly



Tiller Angle Adjustment (Fig 2) At the base of the tiller is a red lever. Fold the knob down to loosen the tiller and select the desired tiller angle. Flip the knob back up to securely lock the tiller in place. There are 5 different adjustment angles.

Armrest Width Adjustment
On the underside back of the seat there are two armrest hand knobs, one on each side. Turn the hand knobs counterclockwise to loosen. Loosening the armrest hand knob allows the armrest width to be adjusted or arm rest to be removed. Once the desired positions of the armrests are set, tighten the hand knobs by turning them clockwise to lock the armrest into place.

Speed Control
The speed control allows you to set a speed between slow (turtle) and Fast (rabbit).

Battery Level Indicator
Where the needle sits, shows the amount of charge left in your batteries. The amount of charge will only show at its true level when the scooter is in drive. Always charge the batteries completely before beginning out on a journey.

Thumb Lever Controls
The left thumb lever controls the reverse and the right thumb lever controls the forward motion. The amount of pressure applied to each lever will determine the speed the scooter travels at up to the speed selected. Release the thumb lever and the scooter will automatically come to a stop as the electromagnetic brake is applied to the motor.

On/Off Key Switch
Insert the key into the key switch located on the top of the tiller. Turn the key and the battery gauge needle will move. There may be a slight delay before the thumb lever control can be operated, while the main controller checks the circuits.

Electromagnetic Brake
The brake is automatically applied when the thumb control levers are pressed or released. There is a slight delay when the scooter accelerates and decelerates; this allows the scooter to start smoothly and come to a smooth stop.





Customer Survey 





The High Performance Prowler Is A Completely Loaded  Heavy Duty Luxury Scooter That Is Priced In The Same Category As A Mid-Line Value Scooters. The Prowler Comes Standard With 12" Inch Puncture Proof Flat Free Tires, A Complete Light Package, Head Lights, Tail Lights, Right & Left Turn Signals As Well as Hazard Lights.  The Prowler Also Comes Standard With A Keyed Anti Theft Ignition, Deluxe Fully Adjustable Captain Seat, Fully Adjustable Flip Up Arm Rest, A  Speed Dial With A Quick Switch From Rabbit To Turtle, A Fully Adjustable Delta Tiller, A Three Phase Horn, Emergency Hand Brake, High Torque Motors With Deep Cycle Batteries, Front & Rear Basket, A Complete Suspension System For A Smooth Ride, Anti Tip Wheels And More.


The Efficient design and construction combined with contemporary styling, gives you an outstanding look with high performance and the confidence go anywhere you would like.

The luxurious Com-For-Fit Contoured seat with "Superior Pressure Free Foam" comes standard, as does the Full Suspension delivering a  comfortable ride and the stability to do easy stable transfers.

The High Performance Prowler has proven its reliability in extreme conditions. Rain & Ice, Mud & Gravel, Snow & Long Distance Trips. The Prowler Proved Its Ability To Stand Up Against All Conditions And Deliver That Sense Of Reliability,  All End Users Hope For..



Battery Light Indicator
Keyed Ignition
Delta Tiller
Deluxe ABS Padded Seat
Flat Free Easy Ride Tires
Adjustable Folding Tiller
Light Weight Alloy
Speed Control
8 Miles Per Hour
Battery Backup
Car Charger


  Weight Warranty Wheels Range Turning Radius Capacity Suspension
Prowler 207 lb 2 Year 4" x 12" 45 Miles 51 Degrees 400 lb Yes
Pride Legend 204 lb 1 Year 4'' x 10'' 25 Miles 41 Degrees 350 lb No
Maxima 208 lb 1 Year 4'' x 10'' 30 Miles 52 Degrees 350 lb No
Rally 142 lb 1 Year 2.5'' x 9'' 20 Miles 39 Degrees 300 lb No
Victory 152 lb 1 Year 2" x 7.5" 20 Miles 41 Degrees 350 lb No
Companion 152 lb 1 Year 2" x 10" 20 Miles 32 Degrees 350 lb No
Daytona 169 lb 1 Year 2" x 8" 15 Miles 42 Degrees 250 lb No
Pass Port 177 lb 1 Year 2" x 10" 20 Miles 35 Degrees 300 lb No
Plus III 197 lb 1Year 2" x 10" 20 Miles 35 Degrees 325 lb No
Ranger Solo 156 lb 1 Year 2" x 8" 9 Miles 45 Degrees 300 lb No



      Control Panel











Overall Dimensions


Weight (

Range (approximate)
Dash Charge Indicator
Ground Clearance
Turning Radius
Flat Free Tire Size
Puncture Proof Tires
Ani-Tip Wheels

Seat & Dimensions
Seat Height From Ground
Swivel Seat
Reclining Back

Back Rest Height
Arm Rest

Tiller / Dash
Anti Theft
Hazard Lights
Electronic Brakes
Regenerative & Dynamic
Additional Braking
Emergency Hand Brake
Rear Wheel Drive
Power Source
Universal Charger

Incline Stability
260 lbs.
300 lbs.
340 lbs.
380 lbs.

Structural Capacity

26'' Width
48''' Height

Complete Deluxe Suspension

207 Pounds

35 - 45 miles
12V 36/50Ah x 2 Airline Friendly
Yes Charge Level Indicator
(4 Amp Off Board)
Front 3'' x 10'' Back 4'' x 12''

Up to 8 MPH
All Terrain

Deluxe Grey Vinyl Capitan Seat
Yes 360 Degrees
Adjustable 24 to 32''

Flip Up Foldable (Adjustable)
Removable Front Basket

Deluxe Delta Tiller (Adjustable)
Keyed Ignition
Full Light Package
Yes 2 Stage
'Posi-Lock' Electric
Transaxle & Emergency
2 X 12 Volt Battery
FAA Approved Non-Spill-able
110V OR 220V  (On Board)

14 degree -22% grade
12 degree -20% grade
10 degree -18% grade
  8 degree -14% grade

400 Lbs.


Rear Basket. The basket has a 20 x 14 space for holding shopping bags, Luggage.......


Rigid Oxygen Tank Holder. The steel Oxygen Tank holder holds a standard size tank.


Soft Oxygen Tank Holder. The Nylon Mesh Oxygen Tank holder holds a standard size tank.


  High Performance Prowler Highlights & Measurements
The High Performance Prowler is the perfect 'All Terrain' scooter. With Its highly efficient motors giving you that extra power and longevity allowing you to travel up to (Fifty) 50 miles on a single charge and the ability to Handle steep hills & inclines. The Prowler offers everything you want from a mobility scooter with the freedom & capability to use indoors & out.!
The Handy Scooter Coach
  The Handy Scooter Coach Has A Universal Design That Can Offer You A Completely New Aspect Of Mobility, Restoring Your Ability To Take Many Things With You That You Would Normally Just Leave Behind.



>>> This Item Is Now Discontinued <<<


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