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Airpulse PK


New and Improved State of the Art Controllers!

16 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion 18 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion

Power Chair Model



Power Chair Model with Remote



2o inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion 18 inch airpulse pk wheelchair cushion

Double Battery Model




Hybrid Model




Standard Sizes for the Airpulse:
15 wide 15 deep
16 wide 16 deep
18 wide 17 deep
18 wide 18 deep
20 wide 20 deep
Custom sizes available


The Airpulse PK is an automatic alternating pressure relief cushion. It provides true pressure relief to all areas of the posterior by having alternate cells inflate and deflate together.

There are four models of Airpulse PK to choose from.

The Standard Double Battery Model- powered from its own double battery source it will operate for well over 35 hours (continuous) per charge. (Run tests performed under load showed that a single charge powered the system for over 6 days at 10 hours per day.)

The Power Chair Model (powered from the 24 volt wheelchair batteries only)

The Hybrid Model (powered from either the 24-volt wheelchair batteries or its own single battery)

The pad will last for years, unlike foam or plastic pads which need to be regularly replaced or may be easily punctured. The cells cradle the posterior and follow the natural contours of the body. This is the optimal design for giving the user the greatest possible comfort and support. The pad is easily cleaned with a mild detergent and sponge.

The control module is small and lightweight weighing less than 2 lbs (for the double battery model). It is completely self -contained and portable so it can be positioned almost anywhere on the wheelchair or easily moved from chair to chair. The high tech batteries will power the Airpulse PK for well over 35 hours and there is no battery memory so you can recharge at any time. The sound level of the pump is only 15 decibels at 2 feet.

The Airpulse PK is a fully customized system with inflation level, cycling action and even the pad able to be customized.

As your pressure relief needs change the Airpulse PK is able to adapt to those changes.

   We can also customize the pad to handle specific seating problems. We understand anatomy and the special seating challenges faced by wheelchair users. As needed, our design team will develop a custom pad configuration to meet your specific needs. We are experts at providing unique seating solutions.

   The Airpulse PK has proven hundreds of times to be the most effective seating device on the market, Period. Its no wonder physicians routinely prescribe the Airpulse PK.



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