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Quickie® Chameleon
Item Number:
Product Overview
As its name suggests, the Quickie® Chameleon is uniquely adaptable to today’s high-strength lightweight folding wheelchair market. Features such as depth-adjustable seating, footrests that swing in and out, and an angle-adjustable seat-sling adapt the Quickie Chameleon to a variety changing needs. These features, along with an array of interchangeable parts, make the Quickie Chameleon an ideal choice for cost-conscious users and suppliers.
Adjustable Seat Depth
The Quickie® Chameleon has the unique ability to adjust from a 16" sling depth to a 17" or 18" sling depth without significantly changing the user's center-of-gravity relative to the chair. This feature allows the chair to expand easily without compromising maneuverability.
Quick and Easy Seat-to-Floor Height Adjustment
The Quickie Chameleon's innovative caster housing design allows quick and easy front seat-to-floor height adjustment. The stackable stem spacers and multi-position fork provide a 16.5" - 20.5" front seat-to-floor height range.
Inventory Savings
Using left/right hangers and left/right armrests with interchangeable options cut inventories dramatically. These features allow the Quickie Chameleon to quickly adapt to a user's changing needs.
Swing-In and Swing-Out Footrests
The footrests swing-in and swing-out to accommodate confined spaces. With this option, tiny bathrooms and tight transfers can be approached with ease and confidence.
A special Multi-angle caster collar provides adjustable seat angles of 0°, 3° and 5°. Finding the correct seat angle is critical for proper positioning. By allowing adjustment in the caster stem/fork angle, all three seat angles are possible without compromising the efficiency of the chair.
The Quickie Chameleon armrests feature a multitude of options. They can be pulled off the chair, flipped back behind the chair, or flipped back and rotated behind the back upholstery. A single armrest can be converted from a fixed height to an adjustable height, and from a desk armpad to a full armpad. They can also switch from right to left and vice versa.
The Quickie Chameleon features a spring loaded wheel-lock. Spring loading ensures the lock is fully engaged. This design is one of the easiest wheel locks to engage in the industry.
The Quickie Chameleon features a tri-arm cross-brace assembly. This design provides greater strength and increased stability, which makes the chair easier to push.
Features such as the quick-change seat sling, adjustable front and rear seat-to-floor height, adjustable sling-depth, adjustable back-height, and overall durability make the Quickie Chameleon one of the easiest chairs in the market to service.
The Quickie Chameleon features unilateral wheel locks. With the push of one lever, this wheel-lock system securely locks both wheels of the chair. This option is perfect for amputees, CVA, or geriatric users.
Built to meet the requirements of HCPCS code: K0004
Product Weight: Approx. 33 lbs.
Product Width: 14 in. - 20 in. seat width
Product Length/Depth: 16 in. - 18 in. seat depth
Product Height: 35 in. - 37 in.
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): 33 1/8"w/37 1/8"h/12 3/8"d
Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
Overall Width: 22 in. - 28 in., 24 in. - 30 in. (when using hemi bracket)
Caster Options: 6 in., 8 in.
Rear Wheel Options: 12 in., 20 in., 22 in., 24 in.
Hemi Seat-To-Floor Height: Hemi 14 1/2 in. - 15 1/2 in., Regular 16 1/2 in. - 20 1/2 in.
Quickie® Chameleon
Q1: Why is the chair named the Quickie Chameleon?
A1: The principle focus of the chair is adaptability. By using depth-adjustable seating, footrests that swing in and out, an angle-adjustable seat sling, interchangeable parts, left/right accessories, etc., the Chameleon, as it name suggests, adapts to the multiple demands of the user and supplier.
Q2: Why is the chair frame-tubing round on the corners and flat on the sides?
A2: This allows loose circular clamps (such as the x-hinge clamp) to rotate freely, while preventing square clamps (such as the wheel lock clamp) from rotating at all.
Q3: Are the fasteners metric? If so, is there a tool kit available to fit the various sizes?
A3: Yes they are metric fasteners. A tool kit is available with the chair as an option.
Q4: Where is the chair manufactured?
A4: The Quickie Chameleon was designed in England and is manufactured in Avon Lake, Ohio.
Q5: Can a Quickie Chameleon with a standard seat-to-floor height be converted to an ultra-hemi seat-to-floor height (14.5" - 15.5")?
A5: Yes. Switch to 20" rear wheels and order a pair of ultra-hemi brackets. Installation instructions are included.
Q6: How do I know the proper position for the caster collar?
A6: The correct position is outlined in the owner' manual. The owner's manual is available by closing this page, scrolling to "literature and documentation" and clicking on "Quickie Chameleon Owner's Manual".
Q7: How is the backrest height adjusted?
A7: The backrest height is adjusted by loosening the single bolt located at the intersection of the rear vertical frame-piece and the top horizontal side-frame tube. There are 5 different backrest height settings.
Q8: Is a different axle sleeve required for the quick-release axles?
A8: No. Both the threaded and the quick release-axles use the same axle sleeve.
Q9: Is it possible to change the front seat-to-floor height after the chair ships?
A9: Absolutely! There is a detailed seat-to-floor height matrix in the owner's manual that details how each particular front and rear seat-to-floor height is set. The owner's manual is available by closing this page, scrolling to "literature and documentation" and clicking on "Quickie Chameleon Owner's Manual".
Q10: Can the standard axle plate be converted to the amputee axle plate with no additional parts?
A10: Yes. Simply consult the owner's manual for detailed instructions.

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