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Guardian Microlite™ Ruby

Product Overview
The Guardian Microlite™ Ruby and Ruby 11 are a new class of lightweight power wheelchairs by Sunrise Medical. By providing a power chair that breaks down into three manageable components (base, seat and battery), a user now has a more practical alternative when traveling long distances by auto, bus, train, etc.. The Ruby is available as an affordable cash model. The Ruby 11, a slightly larger model, is designed to meet K0011 HCPCS coding requirements.
Three Lightweight Components
By using a lightweight tubular design, easily detachable seat and quick-release battery, the Guardian Microlite Ruby and Ruby 11 break down into three manageable components very quickly. With the heaviest component weighing under 51 lbs, the Ruby is an ideal power wheelchair for travel.
Quick-Release Battery
Both the Guardian Microlite Ruby and Ruby 11 feature a quick-release battery box. This innovation eliminates the frustration of breaking down the chair to access the batteries, and undoing stubborn battery cables.
Built-in Travel Handle
Like a suitcase on wheels, the Guardian Microlite Ruby and Ruby 11 base frames are easily moved across a level surface without excessive effort.
Easy-to-reach Freewheel Release Lever
Both Microlite Ruby models feature easy-to-reach freewheel release levers. The levers point inward to prevent accidental release. Only a minimum amount of force is required to engage the levers to place the chair in freewheel.
Five different speed settings are available on the Ruby. The same settings are also available on the Ruby 11 as well as five additional programmable drive profiles. These options give the user the ability to control the chair's performance in a variety of environments.
The Microlite™ Ruby and Ruby 11 can be charged either through the joystick or the battery, which can be removed from the chair when charging. This allows the user to leave everything but the battery in a storage location when the chair needs to be charged.
The Microlite™ Ruby and Ruby 11 feature a small base frame (or footprint). This compact size makes both chairs ideal for use in confined living spaces.
The Microlite™ Ruby features flip-down armrests and the Ruby 11 features flip-up armrests. This feature aids transferring in and out of the chair and eliminates the risk of misplacing the armrests.
The Microlite™ Ruby 11 and Ruby differ in size, weight, seat type and controller programmability. The Ruby 11 is built to meet K0011 HCPCS coding requirements.
The Microlite™ Ruby and Ruby 11 battery box feature a circuit breaker, on/off switch, battery level indicator, charging port, flip-down handle and set of outdoor reflectors. These combined features provide a high level of safety and convenience.
Product Weight: Ruby: Overall - 90 lbs. (69 lbs. w/o battery); Seat - 24 lbs. (19 lbs. w/o armrest); Base - 66 lbs. (45 lbs. w/o battery)
Ruby 11: Overall - 104 lbs. (82 lbs. w/o battery); Seat - 32 lbs. (24 lbs. w/o armrest); Base - 72 lbs. (50 lbs. w/o battery)
Product Width: Ruby - 19"
Ruby 11 - 25"
Product Length/Depth: 35" with footplate
27" without footplate
Shipping Dimensions (box 1): Ruby - 30" / 23" / 31"
Ruby 11 - 30" / 24" / 31"
Ship Method(s): Ground, Next Day, 2 Day, 3 Day
Product Weight Capacity: Ruby - 225 lbs.
Ruby 11 - 250 lbs.
Shipping Weight: Ruby - 110 lbs.
Ruby 11 - 130 lbs.
Speed: 3 mph
Turning Radius: 19"
Seat to Floor Height: Ruby - 19" - 21"
Ruby 11 - 19"-20"
Seat Width: 18"
Seat Depth: Ruby - 18"
Ruby 11 - 17.5"
Back Height: Ruby - 13.5"
Ruby 11 - 14" (17.5" w/headrest)
Drive Tires: Ruby - 8" x 2" Flat Free
Ruby 11 - 8" x 2" Solid
Battery Type: 12A Pack
Launch Date: October 2, 2003


Microlight Ruby Wheelchair

Microlight Ruby Wheelchair

Cup Holder:
No Cup Holder
Free Cup Holder

Cane Holder:
No Cane Holder
Free Cane Holder

Walker Holder:
No Walker Holder
Walker Holder $87.
Saddle Bag:

No Saddle Bag
Free Saddle Bag

All Weather Cover:
No All Weather Cover
All Weather Cover $84.

Portable Aluminum Ramp:
No Portable Aluminum Ramp
3 Ft Portable Aluminum Ramp $189.
5 Ft Portable Aluminum Ramp $289.

Instant Internet Rebate:
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Standard Ground
Three Day Air $89.



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