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 Beach Wheelchair Snow Wheelchair Mud Wheelchair



The IRV 2000 will allow you to go where you would like to go.The maneuverability of the IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle provides for an active lifestyle in winter, spring, summer, or fall. Don't let a handicap, disability or difficulty walking keep you from the activities you love. The IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle can travel five to ten miles in most conditions. The track system allows you to cross ruts, sticks, boards, cables, cords, and most any object that is less than four inches (100mm) high. The tracks may be operated in full flat position for snow or mud and half track for normal running in sand and grass. Also, the IRV 2000 personal mobility vehicle can operate in the "three point" mode for smooth surface or on carpet. The IRV 2000 is the choice of people who want to get places other types of power chairs will not take them.

Standard Equipment:                              Specifications:
Joystick Control                                   Length: 43 Inches
Battery Charge Level Lights              Width: 27 Inches
24 Volt Charger                                   Weight: approx. 400 lb.
Flat Track Running                             Turning Radius: Zero
Three Point Running                           Load Capacity: 350 lb.
Tools for Track Adjustment                Speed: up to 5 mph.


Optional Equipment:                              Specifications:
2 Gel Cell (group 24) Batteries      Range: 5 - 12 miles, depending on terrain and weight of rider
Tools                                                Energy Source: 24 volt system

1.Motors 3/4 hp by Lesson  "Industrial"  Warranty of 1 year
2.Gear boxes. IPT gear box.  Warranty of 1 year
3.Joystick and controller "Penny and Giles 100 amp. Warranty of 1 year
4.Tracks are specialy made for Track About use only. Warranty of 1 year



Get back out to the park again with the IRV 2000 individual recreational vehicle.                                Don't horse around with wheeled scooters, get an IRV 2000 individual recreational vehicle.

We invite you to view our photo album for the growth of the IRV 2000 from TracAbout, Inc.  Like any family album it will be continually growing.  Check in often to see new places the IRV 2000 has gone and new friends we have made.  Maybe soon we will be adding your picture to our family album as we take you where you would like to go. Simply click on the pictures for a larger view!

The IRV 2000 went on vacation to South Padre Island and saw lots of surf action.  Plan to take a TracAbout with you on your vacation this year and get out on the beach, or just run around in the kids' sand box.


Roam with the buffalo in an IRV 2000 from TracAbout.

Kansas saw more snow in 1999 than we had in awhile but the IRV 2000 was not slowed down one bit.  If you can take the cold we can take you where you want to go.


The IRV 2000 climbs Mt. St. Hesston at the city park a favorite testing ground for the IRV 2000. How about the forest?

The track design of the IRV 2000 allows you the freedom to go places other "all terrain" wheelchairs will not go, returning your freedom to go where you would like to go.

The fall of 1999 the IRV 2000 saw hunting action in the local handicapped hunt here in Kansas.  Allowing one hunter access to hunt where even the 4-wheelers couldn't go.

Track About Manual


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Trac About Wheelchair

Trac About Wheelchair

Paint Color:
Hunter Green
Red Free
Yellow $320.
Gray $320.
Purple $320.
Navy Blue $320.
Camouflage Green $550.

Joy Stick:

Standard 20 Inch Wide x 20 Inch Deep
18 Inch Wide x 18 Inch Deep $124.
16 Inch Wide x 16 Inch Deep $124.
22 Inch Wide x 20 Inch Deep $220.
24 Inch Wide x 20 Inch Deep $220.

Two Group 24 80 Amp Hour
Two Group 27 94 Amp Hour $540.

Standard Slick Tracks
Cleated Tracks

Standard Slick & Cleated Tracks $298.

Leg Support:
No Leg Support
Leg Support $245.

Rifle / Shot Gun Adapter :
No Rifle / Shot Gun Adapter
Rifle / Shot Gun Adapter $250.

All Weather Cover:
No All Weather Cover
All Weather Cover $84.

Portable Aluminum Ramp:
No Portable Aluminum Ramp
4 Ft Portable Aluminum Ramp $289.
6 Ft Portable Aluminum Ramp $359.

Instant Internet Rebate:
$100. Rebate By Receiving A Check In US Mail
$100. Instant Rebate Now!

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