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We Guarantee The Worlds Lowest Price!
If You Find A Lower Price  We Will Beat It + Give You 10% Of The Difference Or It Is Yours Free...

The Unstoppable..!
    Viking 4 X 4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair

The Viking 4 X 4 is a completely  unstoppable 4 X 4 Power Wheelchair that will take you anywhere you want to be. Whether its Snow, Rain, Sand, Mud, Hills or Rough Terrain the Viking 4 X 4 has & will overcome these obstacles and take you where you want to go.!





The Viking 4 X 4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair is great for experiencing the beach with no limits. Dry sand or wet sand the Viking 4 X 4 power wheelchair is at home and overcomes the normal obstacle the sand causes for any average power wheelchair.  



The Viking 4 X 4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair is the absolutely best outdoor power wheelchair available. The Viking 4 X 4 can turn on a dime. (No other 4x4 power wheelchair can even come close to this. The Viking 4 X 4 has a automatic digitally programmed vertical seating system that maintains a vertical position at all times. Weather claiming a hill or going down a hill the driver will always maintain a vertical position.   
  The Viking 4 X 4 can easily manage any beach even with standard rims and wheels. Weather the sand is wet or dry the Viking 4 X 4 is ready to take you there.

Take a look at the available Videos links below.

The Viking 4 X 4 Climbing Wheelchair offers the best stair climbing ability of any wheelchair currently available.  With the ability to climb steep inclines of up to 36 degrees with ease, it makes the Viking 4 X 4 Wheelchair perfect for getting around in today's built up environment. The Viking 4 X 4  Wheelchair is truly unique thanks to its gyroscopic and self leveling seating system.  This allows the user to remain in an upright position when negotiating slopes with an incline of up to 36 degrees.
  The Viking 4 X 4 Wheelchair power wheelchair can climb / descend a 36 degree angle. No need to infrared sense the obstacle before action. During driving, the Synchro moving gradienter equipment will adjust your arycenter level to the ground. You will always maintain in a stable level position.
The Viking all terrain power wheelchair can climb a incline of up to 36 degrees with ease, it makes the The Viking 4 X 4 the best most efficient power wheelchair available.


  See the Viking 4 X 4 Power Wheelchair in action
Size 950*730*1270mm
37.4" | 28.7" | 50"
Weight with batteries 195kg | 429 Pounds
Load Capacity 160kg | 352 Pounds
Tire size 400mm | 15.7 Inches
Seat size High/Low-back seat
20" | 19" | 18"
Seat to floor 680mm | 26.7 Inches
Chassis to floor 115mm | 4.5 Inches
Batteries 12V,27AH,4pcs
Driving motor 1200W x 2pcs
Level rack motor 200W x 1pcs
Max speed 6km/h | 4 Miles Hour
Max mileage 30km | 19 Miles
Operation time 9-12h
Charging time 4-6h
Turning radius 580mm | 22.8"/360 degree
Stair claimable angle 36 degree
Slope claimable angle 45 degree
Brake Electromagnetic braking
Drive manner Four wheel drive
  Viking 4 X 4 Power Wheelchair can span a large crater. Try this with any other power wheelchair.

Max obstacle span ability: obstacle specs:    
max 150mm in height | 5.9 Inches       
Step: height: 110mm | 4.3 Inches  
Width:150mm | 5.9 Inches                 

For Tim Jameson there is no other power wheelchair. The Viking 4 X 4 has been the only power wheelchair Tim will use since he test drove it 14 months ago. Tim says the Viking 4 X 4 has open his whole world and there are no limits.  
  Loading and unloading the Viking 4 X 4 is simple and easy even when using a large truck several feet off the ground. No need for expensive lifts or lowered floors, the Viking can save you thousands of dolor's in vehicle modification. The average van modified to be wheelchair assessable cost between $15,000. to $40,000.0 in just modifications alone.
(Click A Picture Below To Enlarge)


The Viking All Terrain Power Wheelchair Was Designed To Handel Even The Toughest Terrain. Many Of Viking Power Wheelchair Owners Order The Camouflage Paint Shown To The Right As Many Of Them Love To Hunt.  
  If You Think You Cant, (YOU CAN).  The Viking Will Take You Anywhere You Want To Go And Will Negotiate Steep Inclines, Sharp Turns, Craters As Well As Down Trees And Large Rocks.
The Viking All Terrain Power Wheelchair Is Extremely Stable Due To Its Unique Gyroscopic Automatic Self Leveling Seat. Why Not Enjoy The Outdoors, When Now You Can.  
  Automotive Style Contoured Seating System Is Just Another Reason The Viking Is Americas Favorite All Terrain Power Wheelchair.
Turn On A Dime. No Other All Terrain Power Wheelchair Works So Well Indoors. The Viking Can Actually Turn A Complete Circle Within Its Own Space. You Can Actually Draw A Circle Around The Viking And It Will Spin Completely Around Inside That Circle.  
The Viking 4 X 4 is simply the toughest running and toughest looking power wheelchair on the market today. With a unstoppable design and power to spare. We challenge you to do a side by side comparison with any other power wheelchair made. We know the Viking 4 X 4 is light years ahead of the rest.

The R-NET  Joy Stick is fully programmable to provide superb performance for a wide variety of power wheelchair configurations and users. All programmed values are stored in the Power Module. In the event that the Control Unit is replaced, there is no need to reprogram the R-NET.

Go Green - Silicone Batteries:

World's one and only Silicone Power Battery

Unlike conventional lead acid batteries. Silicone Power Battery are non-corrosive, do not have acid mist pollution problems, and are environmental friendly. Silicone Power Battery offers superior performance, unprecedented rechargeable capability, and enhanced capacity, all an intensely competitive price


Complete LED Lighting System:

The Viking 4 X 4 comes standard with the new popular LED lighting system. Extremely Bright and Efficient, Saves Power and Protects The Environment.

  1) Switching To Beach Tire's #1
  2) Switching To Beach Tire's #2
  3) Viking Manual


Specification Sheet


Overall length


Weight with batteries


Overall width


Max load capacity


Overall height


Max speed


Wheel size (front/rear)


Max output rotate speed

(for driving motor)


Seat-to-floor height


Max mileage

12-15 km

Chassis-to-floor height


Operation time

2-3 h

Seat size (big)

High /Low-back seat

16 / 18 / 20

Charging time

8-10 h

Back seat size (small)



Electromagnetic braking

Height of obstacle to Span

the chassis height

Driving motor

2-motor :1350W

Max. Climbable angle (step/curb)

25 (it depends)

Level rack motor

1-motor: 300W

Max. Climbable angle (slope)

30 (it depends)

Silicone battery

12V, 27AH 4pcs

Turning radius


Drive manner

Four-wheel drive






The Vikings New Deep Contoured (High Support) Memory Foam Racing Seat Is A Automotive Grade Extremely Comfortable Adjustable Seat and Now Available In In Caribbean Blue, Inferno Red, Sun Kissed Orange And Electric Green.







1) What is the seat depth, and seat height?
the seat depth is :550mm ;    the seat height is :780mm
2) Armrest height, arm rest length, and lower leg length?
the armrest height is :330--400mm (adjustable) ;       the arm rest length is :420mm;  the lower leg length  (from seat to footplate height) is:   310--410mm (adjustable)
3) What is the Back Height and Back Angle?
the back height is :550mm ;  the back angle is: 0�--105�(adjustable)
4) What are the Tire sizes for standard and Beach?  
 the standard size is: 400*85mm  ;   the beach size is: 400*160mm
5) What is the empty weight of the tire?  
PU tire without spare parts weight is :2.4kg  ;  Beach tire without spare parts weight is: 4kg
6) What is the max output current per motor?  
 the max output current per motor is :120A
7) As far as the lighting is concerned, what is the front light hmp? W? V? px? rear direction indicator ?rear light?
 the front light is :2w  ;  the rear direction indicator is: 1 w  ; the rear light is :2w 
8) What Size Steps Can The Viking Climb?
 4.3" Inch Steps Are The Highest Step The Viking Can Climb. NOTE: Many steps are 8" Inch high, the Viking is not able to climb any step or curb greater then 4.3" Inches 






THE VIKING 4 X 4 Power Wheelchair
The Viking 4 X 4 Power Chair
Qty: Price: $9987.

Cup Holder Free
Saddle Bag Free
Home Charger & Auto Car Charger Free
Set Of 4 High Performance Batteries Free
All Weather Heavy Duty Nylon Cover Free
Full Light Package Front & Rear Free
Four Point Chest Vest $189.
Rear View Mirror $54.
Canopy/Umbrella $298.

Select Seat Width:
18 Inch Width
20 Inch Width

All Terrain Tires & Rims:
No Thank You.
All Terrain Tires & Rims $454.

Select Joystick Mount:
Joystick Mount Right
Joystick Mount Left
Flip Back Joystick Mount Right $189.
Flip Back Joystick Mount Left $189.

Select Seat Color:
Deep Contour Racing Seat In Blue (Includes Headrest Free)
Deep Contour Racing Seat In Red (Includes Headrest Free)
Deep Contour Racing Seat In Green (Includes Headrest Free)
Deep Contour Racing Seat In Orange (Includes Headrest Free)

Select Frame Color:
Electric Blue
Inferno Red
Wet Black
Silverado Silver
Hunter Camouflage

Select Shipping & Delivery Method:
Standard Ground Freight No Set Up $458.
Standard Ground With White Glove Set Up $789.





See Our Unconditional Guarantee









The Unstoppable Viking 4 X 4 All Terrain Power Wheelchair is easily the best chair on the market. Side By Side comparisons show that the Extreme 4 X 4 and the Track About cant compete with the Vikings 4 X 4 ability in any terrain and the Viking ability to handle steep inclines.
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